September 8, 2017

Rage Against the Machine!

Using Heart and Soul to Outwit the Robo Economy

Millions of robots are coming to fill American jobs without visas or college education. Where does that leave you? Getting really good at asking, “Want fries with that?” But even those jobs may go robo. What’s left?

We own the most intelligent noggin on the planet, so why can’t we solve Robo-Economics – even thrive instead of feeling like a worn-out floppy disk?

If you’re contracting, doing Gigs; if you’ve launched a business or about to, you’re on the right track. Because there’s still plenty of space for those with heart, soul and humanity because you don’t sell to robots. You’re selling to people who care what they buy and who they buy it from. As wisdom says, “80% of success is how you deal with people.” But understanding how to outduel the Terminator is another story

It begins with a 7-week journey on the SS Entrepreneur-ship powered by the 5-Finger MBA, the visual, interactive entrepreneurship training – meeting face-to-face in a captivating, creative environment each Saturday morning for three hours:

  • It’s visual because 70% of learning is through our eye
  • It’s interactive because “doing” solidifies retention
  • It’s collaborative to improve your ideas using collective brain power
  • It’s clarifying to produce real-time business concept, strategy and planning
  • It’s won the National Excellence Award for building the Urban Economy

Your destination is a profitable, sustainable enterprise organically grown by you and backed by an emerging Local Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Oakland.

Since 2004: 100s of new and improved businesses, 1000s of better lives, zero robots.

5-Finger MBA begins 9am Saturday,October 7

Each session: 3 hours for 7 weeks

Location: Oakland Business Assistance Center, Ogawa Plaza

Tuition: $250 sliding scale based on income

Instructor: Boku Kodama, 40-year entrepreneur and research fanatic

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