The Passion for Food: Perfecting Local Flavors to Achieving Iron Chef

Urban FIRE's 5th Annual Diversity of Success Forum is coming up on Saturday, June 16th and for the first time, we’re focusing on food in the midst of Oakland’s rising stardom as the Bay Area’s Culinary Capitol. We’re excited to bring a triple blend of local, national and international celebrities who will discuss their challenges, triumphs and stories of what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive industry. The forum’s most popular part – one-on-one Q&A between the audience and the panelists – will be extended. We will ask that you write your questions on cue cards provided for you so that we’ll be able to answer as many questions as possible.

Our lineup this year:

Daaimah Waqia – an Urban FIRE graduate, a resident of OHA and a talented chef whose commitment and passion are gaining fans and clients everywhere. As a caterer, Daaimah focuses on providing exceptional vegan dishes that combine her healthy cooking techniques with traditional flavors of African American cuisines.

Dorothy King – owner of Everett and Jones, Jack London Square is a true Oakland legend. Her barbecue restaurant has gained fans from across the country including President Barack Obama, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and countless celebrities. She has combined her restaurant skills with her social mission to improve Oakland.

Katsuya Fukushima – a superstar among celebrity chefs, Katsuya served as executive chef under Jose Andes at Café Atlantico in Maryland. His culinary skills have catapulted him as one of the world’s innovative chefs. Katsuya has twice won on the Iron Chef, beating stars Bobby Flay and undefeated champ Jose Garces.

While this is part of the Urban FIRE entrepreneurship training program, we invite a limited number of friends to share the experience. Due to limited seating, this event will be by invitation only, capped at 50 seats. If you've received an evite invitation, more details are provided there. Be sure to sign up soon.

The event is free. You can make a small donation between $10 to $50 to the Urban FIRE Micro Startup fund which helps our very low income students to pay for their business license, fictitious business application and letterhead/business cards. Please make your checks out to Urban VOICE, the nonprofit parent organization to Urban FIRE. You donation may be tax deductible.