It Takes A Genius to Screw Up 90 Percent of the Time

Shortly after toilet training, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began an unprecedented life as one of the world's great musical composers. The truth is: that's a lie. But the "Baby Mozart" path became an unrelenting pursuit for many parents convinced their child was the next genius in waiting. While Mozart's first great concerto was finished when he was 21, he stumbled, flubbed and plagiarized much of his work prior to his breakout. A young genius he wasn't but determined he was.

Screwing up has taken a bad rap for too long.

What we really need to understand is how he did achieve his breakout performance because the rest of his life was a remarkable history of achievements. During the past three decades, researchers have been able to piece together a more revealing account of how Mozart did what he did. Also gathered in that data are the woeful tales of failures and mediocrity. But more importantly was the story of how Mozart crept slowly towards stardom through a series of trainings and benchmarks.

Today, we know how Mozart did it. That research is available to anyone with the willingness to whiz beyond where they're at today. It's not easy but quite achievable for anyone. For those who do take up the challenge, they morph into a way of living for which no one wants to leave.   

If you're continuing to do what you've always done, you won't get to where you want to go. So make a commit for 2012 that goes beyond a resolution. Get to the next step immediately: learn how Mozart did it and change your career, start a business, improve your neighborhood or do it to teach your kids. These achievements are best exemplified by entrepreneurs - not necessarily as business owners but as a lifestyle where achievements and passion are parts of the overall equation pushing beyond the boundaries of any status quo and launching a life of great expectations.

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