December 2011

It Takes A Genius to Screw Up 90 Percent of the Time

Shortly after toilet training, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began an unprecedented life as one of the world's great musical composers. The truth is: that's a lie. But the "Baby Mozart" path became an unrelenting pursuit for many parents convinced their child was the next genius in waiting. While Mozart's first great concerto was finished when he was 21, he stumbled, flubbed and plagiarized much of his work prior to his breakout. A young genius he wasn't but determined he was.

Screwing up has taken a bad rap for too long.

Manufacturing is making a revival in America! And manufacturers are hiring again!

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Qualifications? Able to work 24-hour shifts, seven days a week, no breaks, no sick leave, no healthcare. Yes, manufacturing is making a comeback but if you’re human, you're ineligible.

It’s all about the bottom-line, efficiency and . . . robotics. Humans? Mechanical whimps, too independent, unnecessarily creative. These, however, are the key qualifications for our new local economies.

2012: The Year of the Local Entrepreneur

Occupy Oakland March

The next step in the Occupy Movement needs to instigate long term solutions that have a direct impact on our personal economics and revitalizes our communities. Beyond the posturing and blustery pitches made by our leaders and politicians, real change will happen when we create our own agenda.

We need to go into Phase Two: Occupy Our Local Economy.