October 2011

Where Are They Now? Urban FIRE Graduate Follow-Up (Part 2 of 3)

Daaimah Waqia, Yes Ma'am Food Service

When it comes to work and family, can you really have it all? Daaimah Waqia thinks so. For our second installment of "Where Are They Now," meet Daaimah, Urban FIRE Alum, mother of two, and owner of Yes Ma'am Food Service. Read the full article below or download a PDF version here

Where Are They Now? Urban FIRE Graduates Making a Difference (Part 1 of 3)

Jonathan Gomwalk, Upinde ROOTS

Ever wonder what becomes of our Urban FIRE Graduates? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing with you three Urban FIRE success stories. The stories we present to you bring you into the lives of people in our community who have accepted the challenge of creating a better life for themselves and their families. Our first case profile is Jonathan, entrepreneur and co-founder of Upinde ROOTS, an urban farming social enterprise.

Urban FIRE & Ignite! Expo in Fall 2011 Issue of Yes! Magazine

yes!magazine image

We are excited to announce that Urban FIRE and the Ignite! New Business Expo are featured in the most recent issue of Yes! Magazine. Shortly after our 6th Annual Ignite! New Business Expo, our Executive Director and lead instructor, Boku Kodama, was interviewed by Yes! Magazine as part of an article entitled "7 Smart Solutions for DIY Jobs." The article describes resources available in local communities to help people become self-sustainable.

Gandhi's Answer to Wall Street One Percenters

village economy

Mahatma Gandhi called it the "Village Economy" and referred to it as the most important structure for people to live in dignity. I would contend to you that the massive movement of people across our planet protesting Wall Street's greed today is the priming of the pumps for building a sustainable local economy - independent of Wall Street profiteers.