Urban FIRE offers structured programs for building entrepreneurs who understand that business and personal living are unequivocally linked together.

The programs are for adults - 18 to 88 - who are prepared to go beyond their comfort zones, motivated to fight through their fears and take on the challenges of forging a business built to last.

You’ll do so in cooperative and collaborative fashion, working and supporting each other towards your common goal. We practice “team learning,” an effective way to gather the rich resources existing amongst ourselves.

Classes Currently Offered

5-Finger MBA Program

This fast-paced workshop is a full visual process conducted in an environment proven to ensure your highest level of concentration. (MBA stands for Micro-Business Accelerator). With this functional business plan, you won't be stuffing it on your bookshelf, you'll use it as a guide for your business. 4 Week Program. More Details...
Next Available Course Begins: July 14th, 2012 (9am - 1pm)


Urban FIRE I

Based on the “Science of Success,” Urban FIRE I begins your journey into developing your mindset and sustainability as an entrepreneur. 11 Week Program. More Details...
Next Available Course: To Be Announced



Urban FIRE II takes all the knowledge you’ve gained in Urban FIRE I and prepares you for one objective: get you ready to launch your business. 11 Week Program. More Details...
Next Available Course: To Be Announced


Chillin' Chili MBA Weekend

Using a pumped-up version of our 5-Finger MBA, you'll accelerate your business development in only two days with a finished product in the 16th hour. Saturday & Sunday, 8 hours per day. More Details...
Next Available Course: To Be Announced