How Do We Invent Happiness?

happy faces

Warren Buffet once said that it's one thing to learn about the intricacies of business but he found it more important to establish the entrepreneurial mindset. He believed that one of the benefits of a true entrepreneur was the the self-realization that our core desire could be defined in one word: happiness.

When a team of researchers at Arizona State University asked the question: "How do we get happy?" The answer was simply that a happy incident generates the happiness response. Which then led to the next question: "What happens if there are no happy incidents? How then do we get happy?"

It turns out that it lies in a simple process entitled "affectionate writing" which has an added bonus of reducing stress and cholesterol. The scientific details are here: Using Affectionate Communication as a Response to Acute Stress

The more interesting explanation is here: Affectionate Writing

In Urban FIRE we recognize the importance of happiness; not just as people but also in our context as entrepreneurs because another study of our expressions and attitudes shows that people are drawn to those with a sincerely happy disposition. Why would you want to do business with a grump?

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The Urban FIRE training will be like nothing you've experienced before. It is primarily visual but it uses the four methods of teaching which allows us to remember 90 percent of what is presented. We've received national awards and one national magazine called us one of seven solutions to the economic crisis.

But it's in the simplicity of what and how we teach which makes Urban FIRE effective. For us, it's an on-going process of continuous research and improvements to our curriculum. Sure we've screwed up plenty in the past but each mistake was a great lesson. In fact, for every hour of class time, we've spend over 40 hours of research and development. We are passionate about what we do and we are passionate about providing this information to anyone with the desire to learn how to be a sustainable entrepreneur.

We are practicing entrepreneurs so the information is delivered with a real sense of authencity. You may not build the next Google, but you will be more informed, happier and maybe find a real direction to the future. Please join us if Urban FIRE makes sense to you. It'll be an investment that'll pay for itself many times in your future.

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