5-Finger MBA Starts Sept. 10th

Fact #1: In the movie, Limitless, the main character played by Bradley Cooper, swallows a pill that opens up the full potential of his brain. Becoming the smartest man in the world leads to unprecedented achievements and riches. The movie is fiction but the reality is, you too can expand the capacity of all that grey matter. Based on the growing research, the greater utilitzation of our brain is now a process. 

Fact #2: Recent brain research has discovered that 70 percent of our learning capacity is through our eyes! And that a full 30 percent of our brain is devoted strictly to vision! So why not readjust how we teach and learn by utilizing our dominant learning sense?

Fact #3: Your learning is heightened when there's entertainment, enjoyment and memorable effects that provide multiple ways of capturing the information.

It is this process that has made for some of the best business plans to come out of our 5-Finger MBAthis summer. The 5-Finger MBA is focused strictly on creating a business plan that addresses the 5 most important sections of your business during the first year of operations. (MBA stands for Micro Business Accelerator). 

Our final 2011 workshop of the 5-Finger MBA takes place starting Saturday, September 10 for four Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. (Due to interest in this course, Urban FIRE will be offering one addition 5-Finger MBA Course starting October 29.  Enroll Online.)

The process is unconventional with Baroque music mixed with electronica, rock n roll and sound effects, lots of visuals and interactivity - all intended to increase focus and concentration. By the end of the fourth session, one should produced a well defined, usable business plan that's completely visual and wall mountable for easy reference, guiding you as your business grows. In the end, isn't that what a business plan is supposed to do instead of collecting dust on some bookshelf?

If you or someone you know has wanted to launch a home-based business part time or fulltime, please pass the attached flyer. We know that millions of Americans are still out of work or under-employed. One solution is developing an interdependent local economy where we can support each other. 

We're leaving the cost of the workshop at only $50 because we want to make it affordable for those who needed an economic solution right now.

Visit our 5-Finger MBA Program Page for more info or download a PDF of the program details here.
Download the 5-Finger MBA Program Details here.

You can also Enroll Online.