June 2012

Why Broadway Musicals Will Improve Your Life


"West Side Story" was one of the most beloved musicals on Broadway. Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Pipe Dream" was a flop. How does one become a success while the other crashes and burns? That's what sociologist Brian Uzzi wanted to know. Is there a formula for taking the complexities of producing a Broadway musical and achieving success? Could that formula then be applied to other areas?

The Passion for Food: Perfecting Local Flavors to Achieving Iron Chef

Urban FIRE's 5th Annual Diversity of Success Forum is coming up on Saturday, June 16th and for the first time, we’re focusing on food in the midst of Oakland’s rising stardom as the Bay Area’s Culinary Capitol. We’re excited to bring a triple blend of local, national and international celebrities who will discuss their challenges, triumphs and stories of what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive industry. The forum’s most popular part – one-on-one Q&A between the audience and the panelists – will be extended.